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I believe the best way to find out what you believe in is through writing. Writing is good because it not only provides the author the opportunity to fully address, support, and understand a subject, it also forces them to consider the scope of the subject. Writing has previously helped me to better understand my beliefs and their justifications.

And so I will be submitting essays on various political topics here. I will do my best to not offend anyone. One potential issue will be regarding my potentially biased perspective as a well-off, white male in America. I will do my best to recognize this bias in my writing, but I must acknowledge it exists. I’m sure I will make mistakes during this process, and I hope you will let me know when I do, but I will do my best and will be be honest in addressing my shortcomings. Thank you for visiting.

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June 28th 2020 – 11:45 PM

"Forced Compliance"

An Essay on the Ethics of Compulsory Mask Wearing