United States Air Force

  • Controls and Subsystems for Propulsion Systems Intern – Summer 2021

As an intern for the Air Force, I worked on Controls and Subsystems as a part of the Propulsion Directorate. During this time, I learned in-depth about several engine platforms from GE, and Pratt & Whitney. Using this knowledge, I delivered a MATLAB script designed to optimize PID controller gains for the Convergent Nozzle Actuation System (CNAS) onboard a Pratt & Whitney F100 turbofan engine, as well as a MATLAB Simulink model of the fuel metering control logic onboard a GE F110 turbofan engine for FADEC analysis.

Carrier Corporation - United Technologies

  • New Product Development Intern – Summer 2019

Through an Internship with Carrier, I owned a clause of the 2024 IEC Safety Standard, and I overhauled the engineering building’s inventory system.

I successfully wrote a succinct and effective Standard Work for my clause of the IEC standard, and I implemented an inventory management solution that cost the company $22,000, but will save ~$36,000 annually.

Purdue IEEE Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) Team

  • Mechanical Head – Summer 2020 to Summer 2021
  • Tools Team Lead – Summer 2019 to Spring 2020
  • Tools Team Member – Fall 2018 to Spring 2019

As a 3rd-year member of the team, I led the development, manufacturing, and implementation of all mechanical systems for the ROV ahead of the MATE international competition.

My role also focused on the education of new members, including training in CAD, CAM, Engineering Design, Designing for Manufacturing, and CNC Machining. I trained the new mechanical members in these various fields, and helped them to find innovative and effective solutions to our design challenges.

ROV "Triton" (X13)

Technical Skills

Computer-Aided Design

Solidworks and Catia


MATLAB, C-99, and C++ (via Arduino IDE)

System Modeling

NI LabVIEW, MATLAB Simulink, LTspice, and Cameo SysML

Design for Manufacturing

Experienced in designing and optimizing electromechanical systems for Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing methods

CNC and Manual Machining

Experienced in the setup and operation of CNC and manual machines, such as Lathes (including live-tooling), Mills, and Gantry Routers

3D Printing

FFF Printing on Ender 5 with PrusaSlicer
SLA Printing on Egloo Mars with ChiTuBox

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Fusion 360 for CNC Lathe, Mill, and Gantry Router operation

Videography and Video Editing

PowerDirector Video-Editing Software

Honors and Awards

Dean's List and Semester Honors

2-time Dean's List, 3-time Semester Honors

The Maxine LeFever Percussionist Award

Fall 2021

The Lillian & R.B. Stewart Award for Musical Excellence

Spring 2021

Wind Ensemble Outstanding Member Award

Fall 2020

The Bronze Pin

Spring 2018, 2019

MVP of the Senate

Spring 2018

Best BGR Beacon

Fall 2018

Most Spirited BGR TL

Fall 2018

On-Campus Involvement

IEEE Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) Team

Fall 2018 - Fall 2021
The IEEE ROV team is an inter-disciplinary team that builds an underwater robot to compete in the annual MATE international competition. Every year, the team starts nearly from scratch as the competition creates new challenges and requirements each year.

Residential Housing Association

Fall 2017 - Spring 2019
As a member of the Residential Housing Association, I have served both as a Hall Club Representative and as an Executive Board Member. Both positions have allowed me to influence campus life at a high level, improving the lives of 14,000 residents through legislation, campus programming, and meetings with department heads.

Purdue Dining Advisory Board

Fall 2017 - Spring 2019
As a 2-year board member, I have helped provide input, feedback, and recommendations that have positively impacted the dining experience of 40,000 students.

Purdue Bands & Orchestras

Fall 2017 - Fall 2021
I have performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Wind Ensemble, the Percussion Ensemble, and the Commencement Band.

Boiler Gold Rush

Spring 2018 - Fall 2018
As a "Team Leader" for Boiler Gold Rush, I underwent weeks of training in order to receive 18 first-year Purdue students and acclimate them to campus. I helped to create a welcoming environment for my students with activities ranging from getting to know campus, to discussions of Purdue's commitment to freedom of expression. My students appreciated my tenacity and passion, and as a result I had an impressive 89% student retention rate by the end of orientation week.